Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JetBlue: If you lose your job, we'll give you your money back

JetBlue has announced a program where it will refund your money for a ticket if you lose your job.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are lots of hoops you'd have to jump through (no surprise there), but I'm left to ask:

- Why is it that JetBlue will offer refunds when the cancellation is not its fault, but when I miss a full day of work and have to pay my own way to get home because of JetBlue, I have to take the company to court to get it to do what's right?

I agree with Matt Phillips on the Wall Street Journal's travel blog: Smells like a publicity stunt to me.

If, however, anyone does take advantage of this, I would be more than happy to talk about it here (though I would be sorry to hear about someone losing their job.)

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