Tuesday, July 29, 2008

POST #2 - My history with JetBlue and why I set up this blog

I'm just a guy who flies when he has to. For the most part, I always believed JetBlue to be a cut above average airlines. They tout themselves as a different kind of airline and, for the most part, I believed it.

But I also believe part of providing great customer service is admitting when you are wrong.

My recent experience with JetBlue demonstrates that they like to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

It all started with a business trip from New York City to Portland, OR. You can read all about what happened on my otherr blog - www.billbakerblog.com, or just read those posts reprinted on this blog.

Now, I am taking them to small claims court.


Because I can. And because they screwed up and refuse to admit it.

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