Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn: Nothing from JetBlue

Welcome to the autumnal equinox, which arrived at 11:44 AM. As the days continue to get shorter and shadows longer, I am reminded that JetBlue has about one week left to answer my small claims suit. So far, not a peep.

Now that Labor Day has passed and the airlines are cutting back their schedules even more, I am curious to hear if there are any new horror stories surfacing. If you have one, send it along.

I did see this one on Chris Elliot's blog this morning. Another innocent traveler possibly forced to take an airline to small claims court (in the case Virgin Atlantic which, like JetBlue, tries to project an image of customer friendliness.).

While not a story of being forced to sleep on a bus in a third world nation after your flight was cancelled, it is, nonetheless, indicative of the shabby way airlines treat paying customers.

A friend also pointed me to this story on Fortune's web site about a guy that took Delta to small claims court, in a situation nearly identical to mine. In a strange little twist, he was screwed by Delta Airlines and had to buy a ticket on JetBlue to get home, while I was screwed by JetBlue and had to buy a ticket on Delta to get home.

There is balance in the universe!

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