Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A final Bronx cheer to JetBlue for 2008

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank JetBlue for providing me with the single worst travel experience of my life in 2008.

You make big noise with your facile marketing about "Happy Jetting" and "Bringing humanity back to air travel", but the fact is that at the first sign of trouble, delay or unplanned events, you treat your paying customers just as crappily as the legacy carriers.

Your choice to sell a product that you can not seem to adequately support (in my case, your Portland, OR, operation) and then to hide behind your "Contract of Carriage" rather than do the right thing is bad enough. But from an airline that markets itself as something better, it is sick and perverse.

I presented you with multiple opportunities to prove that you really are something better and really do want to do right by your customers and each time you proactively chose NOT to do so.

So, see you in small claims court on January 15. I don't much care about winning (except that if I do, I am donating the money to charity.) The way I see it, whatever the outcome, you lose.

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