Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No reponse from JetBlue

Well, I tried. I posted an offer for JetBlue to send a check to a national animal welfare organization instead of to me, in exchange for me pulling my small claims suit against them and taking down this blog.

No response.

They don't have to admit to anything. They just have to do something nice for homeless and abused animals. That's it.

I know they saw my blog post (I can see from the access logs), so I can only guess that the powers that be at JetBlue are saying either of the following:

- "Screw him. He has been banging away at us for months. We're not giving in."

- "The lawyers say 'No way'!"

The sad thing is that they have a chance to do something nice and to make this all go away. They can say (or not say) whatever they want about it.

It would buy them good will with passengers, animal lovers and pet owners everywhere.

Whatever. JetBlue knows how best to promote its brand.

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