Friday, October 17, 2008

JetBlue lawsuit update: JetBlue denies liability

I received my letter from the Connecticut Small Claims court today. JetBlue officially disagrees with my claim.

A paralegal hand-wrote the following explanation, complete with inconsistent and incorrect spellings:

"JetBlue Airways Corporation is not liable per our Contract of Carriage Sections 25 and 28. Mr. Baker recieved [sic] a refund of the cancelled [sic] flights fare as well as vouchers in the amount of $229 for his inconvenience. The reason the flight was canceled [sic] was due to uncontrollable irregularity* (weather.)"

OK, there, Perry Mason. I do not know if I can navigate around that cleverly conceived legal thicket but let me try:

  1. As I have stated on this blog - yes, the cancellation was due to weather. The three day delay in getting me on another JetBlue flight was due to... what? Gremlins? Mercury in retrograde? Global warming?

    No! It was due to the fact that JetBlue didn't have the planes or the staff to fly people to New York from Portland in a reasonable amount of time AFTER the "uncontrollable irregularity." JetBlue sold me a product with a promise to fly me on a certain route on a certain day and then did not have the systems, people or equipment in place to live up to that sale.

  2. I am only suing for the difference between what it cost me to buy a ticket on another airline in order to get home, minus the amount JetBlue refunded to my credit card. JetBlue vouchers are worthless Monopoly money, since I have no intention of ever flying JetBlue again.
I have just laid out my arguments that I will use before the judge when this goes to court. I can only hope that it helps the legal-eagles at JetBlue to further hone their diabolically complex legal strategy.

And, in fact, a court date is next. According to the letter, now that JetBlue has denied liability, "... the matter will be scheduled for a trial as soon as the court schedule permits."

I can only hope that the trial is scheduled in February (say around Valentine's Day) so that JetBlue's lawyers are forced to drive up to lovely Bantam, Connecticut, in a raging blizzard.

* Is it me or does this sound like a tag line to an Ex-Lax commercial?

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