Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New JetBlue terminal: Tomorrow's the big day!

After an obligatory airline-type delay and three quarter of a billion dollars later, JetBlue plans to open their new terminal at JFK tomorrow. The first flight is expected to arrive at 5:00 AM - a red-eye from Burbank.

It will be fun to see if JetBlue can actually pull this one off without stepping on its...

Anyone want to take bets on what time the flight will actually arrive?

Truth be told - I hope it goes off well and without a hitch, if for no other reason, I want the travelers on that Burbank flight to have a pleasant and uneventful flight. If they land on time or early, good for them.

If they do not, I'll be sure to document it here.

Good luck, JetBlue. Don't screw this up!!!

Oh - and I'm still suing you.

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