Monday, October 13, 2008

"Justice delayed is...

... par for the course when it comes to JetBlue."

I have heard nothing from JetBlue or the court in Connecticut. At this point, of course, it has nothing to do with JetBlue per se. Near as I can tell from the Connecticut court web site, JetBlue did not answer my claim and so I win by default. What happens next? Beats me. I am waiting to hear.

It just struck me slightly funny that:

1. JetBlue tried to delay me for three days.

2. JetBlue would not listen to reason. It just spouted company talking points and read from the "Contract of Carriage." (In other words - In spite of its claim to "bring humanity back to air travel", it acted not like a concerned human, but an uncaring corporation (which is what it is, but stop trying to tell everyone that you are something better. You are not.)

3. As a result of JetBlue's inhumanity to THIS man, I had to pay $1,000 and arrived home 14 hours late.

4. I sued in small claims court

5. Now I am being delayed again. Not "ha ha" funny. Just funny.

Sure, it's not JetBlue's fault that the courts move at this pace, but then again, if JetBlue had done the right thing in the first place, this blog and this lawsuit would not exist. Or if JetBlue had chosen to answer my claim instead of ignore it, this could have been adjudicated in a much more timely fashion. So I guess JetBlue IS all about delaying it customers anyway it can.

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