Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the record: If you fly JetBlue...

... you are dead to me.

Yes, I realize that some of my closest friends still fly JetBlue, but to quote soon-to-be-ex-president Bush: "You are with me, or agin', me! Saddle up!"

I only point this out because my now ex-friend Sara flew JetBlue to see her family over Thanksgiving. She is dead to me now.

And my now ex-friend Darryl is even shilling for JetBlue on his widely read, extremely funny and witty blog. He suggested that a JetBlue gift card would make a nifty holiday gift! Traitorous bastard!

What's next, Darryl? Gift certificates to your periodontist???



Anonymous said...

If that's how you define your friends, you suck and nobody wants you as a friend, anyway!d

Bill Baker said...

I take it that you missed the lesson on 'sarcasm' in grade school.