Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do they show "Titanic" on cruise ships?

One of the reasons I used to love JetBlue so much (this was JetBlue B.H.M. - Before Hosing Me) was the inflight satellite TV. It's really good. (Not better than getting to my destination within a few days of the day and time on the ticket, but good nonetheless.)

Kudos to JetBlue for not censoring content in any way, as clearly illustrated by this YouTube video:


Anonymous said...

Did you think about just changing the channel? I think JetBlue has a few dozen channels. Love, Too Obvious

(You probably do not have the GUTS to allow this comment to post as you will moderate it out, but your lawsuit is ridiculous.)

Bill Baker said...

1. I did not take this video.

2. I do have the guts. I will publish any comment, as long as it is not inappropriate

3. My lawsuit was ridiculous except for the part where, um, you know - I WON.

Anonymous said...

dude - congrats on your win against jetblue. its pretty obvious from the comments that anonymous works for jetblue. funny that they still don't get it.