Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No, I have not yet received a check from JetBlue

I have received emails asking if JetBlue has paid up since losing to me in court two weeks ago.

The answer is "no".

JetBlue has until March 15, so plenty of time.

I have also been asked what I will do if JetBlue does not pay. The truth is, I haven't given it much thought. It never occurred to me that a major corporation that values its reputation the way JetBlue does would even consider NOT paying what it legally owes me.

So, a better question might be - what do I plan to do AFTER JetBlue pays?

Once I donate the proceeds to charity (as previously promised), I have to decide what to do about this blog. At a certain point, JetBlue may deserve to be let off the hook.

I might give it some time and just pull this blog down after a spell. We'll see.

But the countdown to payday continues and this blog will certainly remain until that check clears.

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