Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! Who knew how pissed people are...

Actually, we all knew when it comes to airlines.

Lots of folks have found this blog since yesterday afternoon when Barbara Peterson posted her article over on the The Daily Traveler.

Further, I have received a bunch of emails from people who think that I can somehow help them with their airline gripes.

I also went back and looked at old emails in the Gmail account attached to this blog (which, admittedly, I don't really check all that often) and quite a few people have asked me for help. (Except for the ones that have called me "bitter" and "whacked out.")

Keep in mind that I am just a guy who got tired of being abused by the airlines and this incident with JetBlue was the last straw. I took them to small claims court, won and blogged about it. That's it. I have no wisdom or special expertise in aviation rules or contract law.

So, to everyone who emailed me, if you are looking for advice, here ya go:

1. If an airline screws you, do something about it. Take them to small claims court, start a blog, contact your congressman, picket the airline's headquarters, discover a new virus and name it after the airline. Whatever. Just do SOMETHING. The airlines will get away with whatever they can for as long as they can, as long as we let them.

2. Don't expect ANYONE to do ANYTHING for you. Especially customer service people at the airlines.

3. Don't abuse rank-and-file airline employees. They are just following orders. The problem with the airline industry is much bigger than any employee.

4. Tell people about this and other blogs that track airline misbehavior.

5. Take a train.

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