Friday, January 16, 2009

I win, JetBlue loses!

Call me the Clarence Darrow of airline litigation. It appears that the judge was moved by my argument in court yesterday and has awarded me $494.00 in my suit against JetBlue!

It is less than my claim, but I think he deducted the travel vouchers that JetBlue emailed me (which I printed out, shredded and used as kitty-litter).

As stated before, I plan to donate the money to charity.

Let the word ring forth from this time and place: Ask not how airlines can screw you; Ask how you can screw the airlines back!

They can not sell tickets and then strand customers in airports with no food, shelter or clothing (actually, I'm pretty sure the airlines are not responsible for clothing us) for three days and get away with it.

Tell your friends! Tell your families! Tell your pets!

I trust that JetBlue will abide by the law and send me what it owes me. I'll let you all know when I get the check.


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While I understand that you are upset with JetBlue about the situation that happened to you, you are one bitter bitter person. Companies make mistakes (ALL OF THEM)… People make mistakes… And they learn from them. I am sure after the airline lost their claim against you, they will learn something – but you seem like a really really bitter person.

Bill Baker said...

I don't think I am a bitter person, but I was bitter about how JetBlue treated me and my fellow passengers. I gave JetBlue multiple opportunity to do the right thing. I told JetBlue what I was going to do every step of the way (small claims court, blog, what I would argue in court, etc.) Unlike JetBlue, I was totally upfront. If that's bitter, so be it.

pythagoraspi said...

not a bitter person, Companies are not people. They will squeeze every penny legally possible out of you , and who can blame them that is their job.

stand up for yourself and for your fellow man, they will learn now that there is a written lawsuit against them, not when you just call and talk to an outsourced rep. that is not really connected to the company.

anyway, companies are not people. They are here to make money that is all.

Good job and Thank you ! You may be the reason they don't do this to me or anyone else.