Monday, August 18, 2008

Airline CEOs: I would do the same, crappy job for half the price

I took a look at the most recent proxy statements of a few airlines. And, loath that I am to say so, JetBlue's CEO(s) aren't as greedy as their counterparts. Take a look:

JetBlue had two CEOs in 2007. David Neeleman was CEO until May 2007, when he was bounced for (or at least in part for) the now-infamous JetBlue Valentine's Day Massacre of 2007.

Current CEO David Barger took over that role from Neeleman. Together, their combined salaries for 2007 were about $800,000.

"That's OUTRAGEOUS!" you say.

Well, yes it is for such horrific service, but JetBlue's management are responsible corporate citizens when compared to the other weasels that make up the corner offices of the airline industry:

  • Delta CEO Richard Anderson: $3.3 million
  • American CEO Gerard Arpey: $4.6 million
  • Continental CEO Larry Kellner: $7.3 million
BUT... the winner is:
  • United CEO Glenn Tilton: $23.8 million!
Congratulations to all you airline executives! Your mothers must be very proud. Your ability to screw over the public while taking home the big bucks is something that she never could have taught you. Indeed, you must have learned that at business school.

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