Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No, I didn't really go to JetBlue's "Flight to Nowhere"

I have received a few emails asking if I actually attended JetBlue's shakedown cruise of their new terminal at JFK this past Saturday.

Yes, I know I said I was going. I lied.

I had no intention of going, despite being invited. I just wanted to keep those JetBlue PR folks on their toes. (As if they actually cared about me one way or the other. All evidence up to now indicates JetBlue could not care less about a former VERY loyal customer.)

I did see some press reports about the new terminal and I have to say, it appears quite nice. It better be. According to the New York Times, it cost $743 million. Too bad JetBlue didn't put some of that money into a couple of extra planes and staff that could actually deliver the service they are selling to customers.

Look at it this way - which would YOU choose?:

- Behind Door #1, we have you stuck in JetBlue's fancy new terminal due to a lack of a plane or a crew.

- Behind Door #2, you wait in the old terminal, but board your plane on time and arrive at your destination somewhere in the vicinity of the promised time.

- Behind Door #3, we have a year's supply of canned chipped beef.

"I'll take doors #2 or 3, Monty. Anything is better than sitting around waiting for JetBlue to do what I actually paid them to do."

Well, I guess if you are being held in purgatory, it's nice if you can get some sushi and a microbrew.

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