Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flying to nowhere on JetBlue: Been there, done that

JetBlue is getting ready to open their new terminal at JFK Airport in New York. In preparation, they have invited 1,000 frequent fliers to come and help them do a dry run on August 23, just to make sure everything is working. But they won't actually fly anywhere. These people will just show up at the airport, go through security and, well, sit there, I guess. They will get free parking, lunch and some gifts.

News flash: I recently had that same experience with JetBlue, minus the gifts, free parking and the fact that I did not volunteer AND I had to pay $1,000 extra to actually get home.

Allow me to offer some advice to those 1,000 invitees: I can think of about 9,000 better things to do on a Saturday in August than sit in a JetBlue terminal and fly nowhere. As much fun as JetBlue might have you believe this activity is, it actually really sucks. Trust me.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny.

My mom and stepfather had the same experience on JetBlue in July. Too bad they didn't at least get a free lunch out of the deal like the people at JFK. They got to spend $700 to fly home on Continental after JetBlue canceled their flight for alleged "mechanical issues."

At least they didn't end up in handcuffs like poor Marilyn Parver.