Monday, August 4, 2008

Lest you think I am a JetBlue bigot....

I actually hate ALL airlines, pretty much. So, since I know the JetBlueMeanies are reading this, I figure I'll throw them a bone and pick on another airline:

As I type this (4:30 PM EDT, August 4, 2008), a work colleague is sitting on the tarmac at JFK on an American Airlines flight (#85) to San Francisco that was supposed to leave at 3:00 PM.

The problem?

They have to replace the co-pilot's seat because it is broken.


A couple of thoughts:

1. Aren't these crew the same people who always seem to cut in front of me at security so they can get to their plane to make sure everything is all set?

2. Nobody noticed this BEFORE they imprisoned a planeful of innocent travelers? I am willing to bet that some pilot's fat ass was sitting in that seat two hours earlier. He couldn't say anything?

This is why we hate you, airline industry. HATE!

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there aren't any comments. Except, rather than clutter up your blog, I blogged about my own ridiculous, frustrating experiences on my own blog. I recently heard a report that examined the profitability of two airline legs. Both were in the negative. My own bad experiences have been on very questionable legs (atlanta/cleveland/atlanta). If they're not profitable, they're not going to care about the passengers. They're going to put all the resources on Atlanta/NY or Chicago/LA or whatever. So, airlines, just quit selling us tickets you don't plan to honor!!! If the route's not profitable, don't sell it! I wish there was a way to check and see if a given airline considers a given route profitable.