Friday, August 1, 2008

What kind of business model is this, anyway?

I had this thought. Imagine this scenario:

You call up to make a dinner reservation for two weeks from now. The person on the phone takes your reservation and asks you to place your order. Then you are asked for your credit card and it is immediately charged for the amount of your order.

Two weeks later, you show up to consume what you have already paid for, only to be told that the restaurant can not serve your food tonight. Further, they will not give you a refund because they think they can squeeze you in for dinner two nights from now.

How long do you think this restaurant would be in business?

Is there another business in the world that charges you for their product in advance and then when they can't deliver it says that it is not their fault and there is nothing they can do for you? (Well, nothing that you want or that would make a difference.)

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jzambran said...

Okay, so I have been reading your blog and the same exact thing happened to me last week in San Diego. I was booked on flights that were scheduled to go out of San Diego on July 27 and 28, 2009 and they were canceled two days in a row. I would not have even known if my brother had not called me both days because each time my house was called and not my cell phone number. The first day my flight was canceled I did hear about some severe weather on the east cost so I could understand that. However we had to pay another night's hotel stay without any compensation. This was a stretch as we had gone to San Diego for Comic-con and we were pretty f-ing broke at that point. When the flight was canceled the next day I could not understand why. There was no bad weather either at our departure or destination locations. Every other airline there had planes flying out the east coast. Also, I was unable to access the internet while I was on vacation (laptop died) and found it egregious that when I called 1-800-jetblue I could not speak to a person because of the high volume of calls and told by the recording to go to the website and that the call would end. What!? That is just awful. I had no other way of accessing a representative so I needed to call. I had to go to the ticket counter at the airport both days which was not a big deal as my hotel was 10 minutes away from the airport. But when I went on Sunday there was only one person at the counter. She was very nice but was unable to either obtain someone else to help with the line or reach a manager. The second day my flight was canceled (!) and I had to go to the counter again there were two people at the counter and the line stacked up quickly behind us. I tried to see if a manager could be reached but he was unreachable. The person at the ticket counter started a refund process for us and let us know which other airlines had outgoing flights that day but overall I was extremely unhappy with my experience in San Diego. I could not believe that my flight could be canceled two days in a row and I was expected to be on my own with no accommodations or food vouchers provided and no accountability from either a manager or a customer service rep. Actually the second day the jeblue rep actually had the nerve to tell me that if she were to book me on the next available flight she didn’t “think they would cancel it 3 days in a row.” Wtf? It was not my first time flying so I understand that things do come up but this was my first time flying JetBlue. And btw, my flights home on Air Tran were relatively on time and my final flight from Atlanta to Dulles International actually arrived early! When Jetblue says they “bring humanity back to air travel” it is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard. I don’t think they will stay in business for long with the way they treat people. It has been a week since my god-awful experience and I have yet to receive any “compensation.” Good luck with your lawsuit. I hope you get every penny back.